David Chronicles Film Encounter

Jason Hildebrand

Actor, Director, Writer, Executive Producer

Creative Principal of Presence Creative Arts, Jason is an award-winning actor and producer with over two decades of storytelling experience. He is renowned for his ability to craft compelling narratives rooted in ancient text that resonate with and deeply engages audiences. 

The Prodigal Trilogy, Breathe…, Jesus Stories, Blue Like Jazz/Live

Tad Munnings


Principal of Storystream Creative, Tad is an award-winning director and cinematographer focusing primarily on character-led stories with redemptive possibilities. Along with a keen eye for capturing breathtaking visuals, his work has garnered praise for its artistic and emotional depth.

Transcend, Transformer, His Name is Ray, Village of the Missing

Krystle Moillet

Assistant Producer

Director of Creative Operations at Presence Creative Arts, Krystle brings over 15 years of experience working in theatre and media. She is known for creating thoughtful productions and a passion for teaching and mentoring other artists to create lasting impact.

Breathe…, Wooden Angel, Jesus Stories

Brian Hunt

Director of Photography

An in-demand cinematographer and filmmaker, Brian’s specialty is documentary-style shooting and storytelling. His technical expertise and creative vision have solidified his reputation for visual details and effective narrative.

Film Clients: CBC, Discovery Network, History Network

Wayne Deering

Location and Post-Production Audio Engineer

A musician and recording/live-sound engineer with experience at the Banff Centre, the Tanglewood Music Centre, CBC Music, and several professional theatres, Wayne’s capacity for understanding technical requirements in artistic environments and executing on complex audio challenges make him a sought-after member of the creative team.

Way Downtown, Blue Like Jazz/Live, The Prodigal Trilogy, Breathe…, Dancer

Mike Janzen

Sound Designer and Film Composer

JUNO- and GMA-nominated songwriter and composer, Mike brings an imaginative and fresh voice to the current music scene. He is a gifted jazz pianist, composer, and arranger whose music “hits the deep places of the heart.”

Songs from the Canyon, Try to Remember, Nudging Forever, The Psalms Project

Eamonn O’Connor


Eamonn’s work has won or been nominated for more than 45 awards, including The Oscars, BAFTAs, Canadian Cinematic Editor Awards, British Film Editors Cut Above Awards, and The Emmys. A strong collaborator, Eamonn is best known for his solid reputation as an international award-winning feature documentary film editor.

My Enemy My Brother, The Messenger, Celtic Soul, Hip-Hop Revolution