David Chronicles Film Encounter

David Chronicles Film Encounter

Journey of Longing

From a shepherd boy in the fields to a warrior and eventually one of ancient Israel’s greatest kings, the story of David is embedded in the fabric of many cultures. This film explores the biblical character in-depth and how he relates to us today.

It’s a modern-day spiritual pilgrimage that sees a desperate and lonely King David near the end of his life, plagued by his inability to hear the once-familiar sound of God’s voice.

As he struggles to experience the powerful presence (represented by Sound), he remembers and relives his journey through his greatest failures and triumphs. In his search for personal revelation and hope, David revisits the landscapes and psalms of his youth to recapture what he once experienced and has now lost.

Many will find this journey of longing paralleled in their own lives. The storyline offers viewers a chance to reconnect with God’s presence in their lives and hear the Sound again or for the first time.

Rugged Scotland

Shot entirely on location in Scotland, this feature film is now in the post-production phase. This project will not only have a theatrical release but will be woven into a unique audience encounter version which is being test driven the summer of 2024.

More Than a Film

David Chronicles: Film Encounter transcends traditional storytelling by offering viewers additional opportunities for a contemplative journey to reflect on their own lives and spirituality.

Following the release of the 90-minute film, Presence Creative Arts will develop a film encounter study guide that can be completed individually or in a small-group setting. Four or six filmed “encounters” will be part of the study guide. Imagine a visual version of Lectio 365.

Future plans for a multi-media art installation will lead participants through a journey of contemplative personal discovery. Imagine National Geographic meets The Chosen meets spiritual practice.

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